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16 Feb 2018
7th April 1.30pm-4.30pm Transformational Hatha Yoga

Transformational Hatha Yoga with Vayia Nafees

Members £30
Non Members £35

This workshop is split up into 2 sections:

The first section of the workshop is an 1.5 hour of Transformational Hatha Yoga, which runs through a series of postures, within every posture Kappalabati (breath of fire), Brahamari (internal Om) and an external Om is repeated 3 times over.

* Kappalabati – its purpose is to clear out any stagnant energy of the abdominal area the first 3 chakras.

*Brahamari - is used to still the mind and the point of the external Om is to open the heart chakra.

The second section of the workshop is an Osho Kundalini Meditation.
An absolutely fantastic powerful energetic meditation which aims to awaken or move the kundalini energy up through the students chakras, leaving the student feeling very clear in the mind, body and emotions. 

This mediation consists of 4 different parts: 15mins shaking, 15mins dancing, 15mins sitting, 15mins laying.

Transformational Hatha Yoga is a very powerful session. It is a very Yang based energy session (energy that is used to get things finished, masculine energy, strength, sun energy, active energy).

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Cancellation Policy: 
If you need to cancel email at least 24 hours before the workshop and the amount will be credited to your account. Late cancellations (less than 24 hours) cannot be refunded.