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16 Feb 2018
Valid until 10th March 2018********WOW £17.50 ******** Off Peak Introductory Offer

********WOW £17.50 ******** Off Peak Introductory Offer.  This is a fantastic deal for both New and Existing students ....  Our Introductory offer of £35 for 30 days has been slimmed down to just £17.50 for the OFF PEAK times of Mon-Fri morning and lunchtimes only.  Not only this, we will also include the chance to take up the FULL Introductory Offer of 30 days for £35 once your off peak offer has expired without having to wait for another year to pass by.  Certainly the best deal on the market this winter. If you are New, or have not visited us for 6 months or more, we look forward to welcoming you to this offer. Why not treat a friend, partner or family member to a treat, a thank you or just because they are worth it....  Please note that the offer is valid until the 10th March 2018