Our Teachers

Lilli Villmo Fearns

Lilli is originally from Norway, where she first started her career within the fitness industry. As a teenager Lilli loved dance, ballet, aerobics and jazz-ballet, finding inspiration through one of Norway’s top Fitness teachers - Trine Tschudi. 

After practising for many years Lilli successfully completed her diploma as an international aerobics, step and body condition teacher with S.A.T.S (sport-aerobic-fitness) in 1999. She also trained for three years in Norway to become a fully qualified therapist in reflexology, aromatherapy, anatomy/physiology, deep tissue and sport therapy. Lilli has also studied psychology in Norway, is trained as an international life guard and worked as a model (which she has continued in the UK for Jackie Tyson, one of the UK’s leading makeup artists working in TV for programmes such as X-Factor) for magazines, art and sports in Norway.


Lilli Started practising Yoga and Pilates upon moving to the UK in 2000 and loved it so much that she decided to become a Yoga/Pilates teacher herself.  


In 2003 Lilli became a fully qualified Pilates teacher with NVQ/Training Systems and then trained with STOTT Pilates in 2004-2006, covering areas such as: mat work beginner, intermediate and advanced, She also certified in Foundation and advanced Anatomy with Active Pilates, Oxford.


In the first months of 2007 Lilli became a fully qualified Hatha Raja Yoga teacher with Chi Yoga www.chiyogaschool.com(trained in Asanas; Pranayama; Bandhas; Kriyas; Chakras; Study of Yogic Texts; Anatomy and Physiology). Then she practised as a Yoga teacher trainer for two years with Chi Yoga. Lilli has also attended in numerous workshops presented by Sue Woodd www.suewoodd.com and Julie Hansen www.juliehanson.com (International Master trainers)


In 2006 Lilli attended 14 days of intensive Hot Yoga classes with Absolute Yoga in Thailand and became totally hooked on Hot Yoga. Lilli then started her Hot Yoga teacher training with the U.K.’s only Hot Yoga teacher training organisation, Yoga Haven and became fully qualified in early 2008.  Lilli has also completed intensive advanced teacher training with Shiva Rea www.shivarea.com and is certified in Prana Vinyasa flow yoga and yoga trance dance, cerification also gained in early 2008 .  


Lilli has also attended numerous workshops in "Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga" with Richard Freeman and Seane Corn in "Vinyasa Flow Yoga" 2008/2009.


Lilli is also a certified practitioner in the art of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and deep relaxation with Origyn (Aug 2009).

Veronica Chase

 Veronica had been an aerobics teacher for 15 years when one of her class participants suggested she tried Iyenger Yoga. Initially she found the Yoga classes a complete contrast to her usual fast paced aerobic exercise. Also she found the postures challenging since her muscles were so tight from all the aerobic exercise she had been doing. Veronica decided to stick with the classes because she knew the stretching would be good for her. She was amazed how quickly her body responded to the practice and postures she found difficult  soon became her favourite. She started to attend some Hatha classes which were more varied and started to notice changes in her body and her approach to her own wellbeing. She started to realize that she didn’t need to treat her body aggressively to achieve the same results; strength, suppleness, leanness. Yoga left her with renewed energy and vitality, unlike her aerobic classes. Wanting to study the more subtle aspects of yoga and learn about the history and philosophy of yoga, Veronica decided to do the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course in 2004. It was during that year that Veronica knew she wanted to teach. She then went on to do the BWY Teacher Diploma Course  in 2005 learning every aspect of Hatha yoga including physiology, asana, pranyama, kryas, chakras, meditation and studying the ancient texts.  She started teaching in 2006. She completed the 31/2 year diploma course in 2008. During her studies she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga which she just loved from her very first class.

She has been teaching Hatha yoga classes for the last 4 years and Dynamic Yoga for 2 years. She has excellent vocal skills helped by her experience of teaching a hugely varied amount of classes and large numbers of people over the last 25 years. She has excellent knowledge of how the body works as she has studied anatomy and physiology at degree level and is a qualified Gym instructor. She has empathy for people who think they are ‘no good at stretching’. She believes Yoga has something to offer everyone regardless of age, shape or ability and absolutely advocates all the benefits that yoga brings: fat loss, greater range of movement, strength, core stability, calmness, confidence, reduced stress, and general overall health and wellbeing.

Darren Simonds


Darren has now been practicing yoga for twelve years; at the age of 19 he was first introduced to Iyenger Yoga by a friend and discovered a sense of clam and well being that was different to anything he had even known. Although at the time his body was not flexible and very stiff, Darren was quick to realize the benefits of yoga and became hooked. At the age of 22 Darren became self taught in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and committed a six day a week practice. In 2003 Darren had his first class experience when a class was handed down to him from his teacher at the time.


In 2004 and 2005, Darren spent two terms at a yoga centre in Crete www.yogaplus.co.uk developing Astanga yoga with senior yoga teachers Radha and Pierre. (Renowned teachers John Scott and Liz Lark also trained at Yoga Plus). During his time in Crete Darren also gained knowledge in Pilates and massage.


Darren has also been teaching Yoga classes for six years with regular weekly clients and enjoys watching his students develop at this close relationship.


Taking his teaching further Darren has trained with Chi Yoga and has gained extensive knowledge of different yoga styles which include, Sivananda, Iyenger and Astanga. Chi Yoga also includes Anatomy and Physiology, study of ancient yoga texts and history, Pranayama, Chakras and Kryas. Other aspects include Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Shiatsu, Tai Chi and hands on adjustments with many workshops.


Yulia Vorozhtsova


Yulia started practicing Yoga and Pilates in early 1990s as a means to recover after several injuries received due to karate training and a car accident. She was introduced to Iyengar Yoga at first and in 2001 she attended her first Ashtanga class in Moscow, Russia.  Since then her practicehas evolved around these two styles, combining precision with strength and endurance. She has been fascinated by the fluidity and grace of Vinyasa styles of yoga,  particularly Jivamukti  and Tripsichore sequences.

Yulia started teaching in 2008 after received training in Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson. She studied meditation in Sivananda tradition during a 10 month stay in India in addition to mindfulness meditation training with Sarah Powers.  Yulia completed training with Stott Pilates in mat work level 3 and in Rehabilitation programme & Injuries & Special Populations course. In addition she is qualified massage therapist.

Yulia takes a holistic approach to teaching, and prioritises rehabilitation and prevention of injuries by focusing on accurate performance. Her Yoga classes are focused on teaching calm, precise and deep understanding of the body, with integrated pranayama and meditation. Yulia believes that Pilates is a unique system which helps to prevent injuries. It is a challenging yet safe method which is a compliment to any other activity. Hot Pilates conditioning helps to tone the entire body, to strengthen the core and to gain control over posture. The hot environment of Studio 42 allows you to take training to a power paced level, facilitating faster body conditioning and sculpturing. Benefits, ranging from longer leaner muscles and improved flexibility, to better posture and core strength, are achieved in shorter time.

Currently Yulia continues to study anatomy, biomechanical movement and their application to exercise. 

Lynette Greenaway


Lynette’s first yoga experience was 8 years ago after taking a Bikram Class. Since then Lynette interest in yoga has continued and has practiced a number of styles such as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative Yoga and Jivamutki.

After working as a senior manager in the health and social care sector and managing teams for over 20 years, redundancy changed Lynette’s priorities in 2010 as she became more dedicated to regular yoga practice and found Studio 42. It was here that her yoga practice sparked her to look deeper and felt inspired to want to teach yoga by the teachers at the studio and share the endless joy and therapeutic benefits that she herself experiences with regular yoga practice both on and off her yoga mat.

Lynette’s teacher training journey began with CYS Classical Yoga School (London/Scotland) and Sally Parkes Yoga.

Lynette aspires to help yoga students at every level discover their own confidence, strength and ability to self- heal through yoga.

Her classes will direct you to focus on the breath and to keep this connection throughout the class helping you to focus the mind creating a meditative practice.

Lynette is committed to providing safe and nurturing yoga classes where students can explore and experience anew, the body, mind and spirit and has a growing interest in the power of the breath and yoga for the spine (scaravelli).

Nicky Howard


Nicky has been working in the fitness Industry since 1996 teaching an extensive variety of classes to all levels of ability. In 1998 to Increase her Anatomy and Physiology knowledge Nicky also qualified as a Gym Instructor.

It was In 2002 that Nicky participated In her first Body Balance class and was Immediately hooked and she realised that this was the path that she wished to pursue. Hence In 2003 she became a qualified Body Balance Instructor where she found her love for both Pilates and Yoga.

Nicky regularly participates in other Instructors Pilates and Yoga classes to enhance her technique and ability as well as for her enjoyment. Nicky also regularly attends educational workshops.

Nicky has a high level of personal fitness.

In 2012 Nicky enrolled on a Pilates course and successfully completed her training with Drummond Education In 2013. Her qualification focuses on Group Class mat work, Standing exercises and studio equipment.

John Peacock

John has been in the fitness industry for over twenty years. He initially studied health and fitness in conjunction with sports science at the University of East London. Ongoing studies were taken at East Berkshire College where he completed his training and obtained his sports science qualifications. John then went on to obtain qualifications in Aerobics, Aqua aerobics, Bodypump, Bodybalance, Bodycombat, Bodyvive, Spinning, Yoga and Pilates.

He qualified in Hatha Yoga and Pilates at The British School of Yoga and also has an interest in and attended workshops in Acro Yoga.

He offers an extensive and eclectic history and set of interests which serve to enhance and enrich his style of teaching.

Rebecca Malcolm

I have had a keen interest in sport and exercise since a young age and rowed, ran and played netball for my school , college and university. Some of my highlights included competing alongside Mo Farah in cross country and achieving a top 25 GB ranking for 1500m. My training at Oxford for the University Boat Race took up to 30 hours a week, all whilst studying for a degree in physiology and psychology, so am familiar with the need to fit exercise around a busy schedule. I believe strongly in multitasking and therefore like to use exercises which work mulitple parts of the body in one go so as to maximise the impact in the least amount of time.

After graduating university I became a keen cyclist; completing numerous sportives, 6 London to Paris’ and an amateur stage of the Tour de France. I also guide on charity bike rides and so know how to keep people motivated even after hours in the saddle.

As my body aged, so did the need to work harder to maintain good mobility and avoid injuries, which is how my love affair with Pilates started. Since discovering it in 2006 I have practiced consistently and when I decided to become a Personal Trainer it was a no brainer that this would be one of the first qualifications that I would gain. As part of my teacher training I was fortunate enough to be able to work and train in the birthplace of Pilates, New York City, and specifically the New York institution: Steps on Broadway.

Keen for a new challenge, I started competing in triathlons in 2011. While the bike and the run were familiar territory for me, the idea of a 750m open water swim was terrifying and my front crawl required many hours in the pool re-working my technique. I am therefore aware of the emotional, as well as physical, demands that new sporting challenges can face and have worked with a wide range of clients: from keen, high level, amateur athletes to women of retirement age, who have not worked out since the birth of their 4th child – 30 years ago!


Judith White

Judith started working in the fitness industry 12 years ago. Following the completion of her sports therapy course which included fitness instructing, group exercise, nutrition and sports massage she worked at a health club and also at a physiotherapy practice providing exercise therapy, massage and back care classes.

In 2008 Judith qualified as a personal trainer.

In a bid to aid rehabilitation following injury she joined studio 42 in 2011. Having always been a fan of high intensity exercise and weight training she found that the classes offered a great alternative to her usual regime with the added benefit that they were kinder to her joints.

After recovering from injury Judith continued to attend classes, and then in 2013 joined the Studio 42 reception team. It was in 2014 after three years of regular practice that she decided to qualify as a Pilates teacher.

Judith’s classes offer a wonderful flow and a great challenge for abilities. 

Jason Searing

Jason is a soulful and calm teacher who sees the importance of both the physical and meditative practice.  Anyone who enjoys a physical practice, wants to laugh and try out new stuff should enjoy his classes and find the space to facilitate your own personal transformation. 

Trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Rocket Vinyasa and Traditional Yoga, he sees yoga as a journey to connect with one’s self, nature and the earth. He has worked with medicinal plant doctors in Central America, and trained in Ayurveda in India, which has helped him understand and use the power of natural healing techniques.

Jason started learning yoga in 2005 on the beaches of Cornwall and slowly developed a personal daily practice based on Ashtanga Vinyasa.  Through regular yoga practice, he found physical and therapeutic benefits to help break addictive and negative cycles and develop a heathier way of living.

Having had a short apprenticeship with Nicaraguan yogi Freddy Carrera he completed a Teacher Training Programme with Yoga London in 2012 (Vinyasa Flow).  He has since completed  Rocket Vinyasa Teacher Trainings with The Yoga People and David Kyle.  More recently Jason received Teacher Training at Paramanand Institute of Yoga Science and Research (Yoga Therapy) and Abhijna School of Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa).  He has attended many training workshops with John Scott, Manju Jois and Danny Paradise. 

As a practicing Yoga Therapist, Jason is able to accommodate those of all levels of ability and fitness as well as with injuries in class.  In fact it is his aim to give each student the best experience they can have physically, mentally and spiritually. 



Amanda Haynes

I was always on a spiritual quest. Yoga & Buddhism had so many answers to so many questions and after exploring in great depth both of these subjects I became a teacher in yoga & Mindfulness.

I began as a Hatha Yoga teacher in 2005 which was perfect for applying Yoga philosophy and the traditional values of Yoga. I continued my development with Ashtanga Yoga where I find the classes and practice vibrant and energising. I also like the physical challenges Ashtanga yoga brings. I would describe Ashtanga as a masculine expression of yoga as it is ambitious, fast moving and all about the action, whilst deep in your being one is still in the process of the spiritual Yoga journey.

One of my greats inspirations is that I once new a Yoga teacher who was 92 years old. Despite her age, she still maintained a full Yoga practice and travelled the world teaching Yoga. I have found that all Yoga teachers have something special to offer. I feel a great deal of satisfaction when a Yoga student is able to embody their practice independently into their lives.

My aim as a teacher is to help people to feel safe to explore their Yoga practice and to get their inner judgements out of the way so that we can do some Yoga, get challenged and have fun with it. I enjoy watching people develop as they work through their blocks and grow a deeper seat of confidence and love.

Qualifications: BWY foundation Reading 2002, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Shivananda Kerala India 2004, Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with In Bound Yoga Ashram, Cuzco, Peru 2007.


Joy Golding

I walked into my very first yoga class 20 years ago and was hooked. I started going to class everyday. This was something I completely enjoyed. I have been a dedicated student ever since. I took my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2000 with Power Yoga Master Bryan Kest in Los Angeles, California. I then proceeded to train with Shiva Rea for Flow Yoga and Sharon Gannon from the Jivamukti path in New York City. I have studied Kundalini Yoga with Siri Datta here in the UK and have done numerous hours of dedicated practice and Teacher Trainings with my main teacher Manju Jois of The Ashtanga lineage. My passion is to share this amazing healing practice and to impart a heartfelt experience to my students. My style of teaching ranges from standard Ashtanga to Vinyasa Flow to the Hot Yoga series and Restorative yoga, sometimes a mix of them all.  I am always available for questions before or after class. Remember this is Yoga Practice, not Yoga Perfect. Just do what you can and enjoy your experience. See you in class.

Vayia Nafees

At the age of 25 I was in South East Asia travelling and under no coincidence I found a little healing centre in a little village in the northern valleys of Thailand.


From this day my life started to unfold in more magical ways than I ever could of imagined. I met and learnt from many experienced teachers within different subjects within the spiritual holistic and personal development field.


I started to see and experience how all of my experiences of the past had made me who I was today. I also noticed how experience from the past were also holding me back from being the best I could be in the present. I wanted to change this, I wanted to release all limiting beliefs I had picked up along my way, I wanted to forgive myself and all other people that have ever caused me to hurt. I wanted to discover who I really was, take away my experience, take away my beliefs, take away my emotions and beliefs then what is left?

I spent 3 Winters in Thailand learning Reiki Level 1, 2 and my Reiki Masters Course. I undertook my basic 21 days silent vipassana meditation followed by four more 10 day retreats. I spent 1 year working with an acupuncture. I learnt EFT, tapping, dance and Yoga. I started to understand that there are many different aspects/levels/dimensions to a human being and these different parts of ourselves all integrated with each other.

8 Years on and I have been teaching what I learnt and now understand through different courses and workshops including Reiki, Yoga and Meditation. I continue to learn and teach as that is life, we never stop growing, we never stop furthering ourselves. I wish to share all the knowledge and tools I have gained with all the lovely souls that wish to advance themselves in the area of personal and spiritual development.?



Jackie King

Jackie has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. At school she enjoyed sports and ran for school and county in 800m and cross country. After leaving school there was a massive gap in her life so in 1998 she attended Morley College in London and gained her Exercise to Music qualification. Then moved to Milton Keynes where her studio career began; she gained many studio qualifications and enjoyed teaching Body Pump, Body Balance, Schwinn indoor cycling to name but a few.


In 2000 Jackie took on the role of studio coordinator for Esporta which eventually got bought out by Virgin Active. Her life was pretty hectic teaching 20 classes a week and running 3 studios. After attending many classes doing circuits he happened to join in with a yoga session. Loved it and never looked back. In 2003 she qualified in intermediate yoga followed by Hatha yoga through the British School of Yoga. Slowly swopped half my teaching classes to yoga or body balance style classes she then  went on to qualify in Pilates in 2008 through the British School of Yoga. She was very fortunate to have a Pilates and yoga studio for her use and this allowed her to hold and attend many workshops and training courses in different styles of yoga and Pilates.

Through the years Jackie also enjoyed the mechanics of the body and importance of correct alignment and did anatomy and psychology many times 2002 when she gained her Massage, Anatomy and Physiology diploma at Dunstable College. Then in 2009 when she did Access to Health Level 3 at Milton Keynes College where she completed Biology, Psychology, and Sociology all at level 3.

Jackie is also on her yoga journey and enjoys attending other classes, retreats and workshops and feels you can never know enough about yoga. This year alone she has been on 2 retreats with Lucia Yoga in Spain, attended 5 workshops of ”Yogic Living” with Jason Searing, to  “Meditation, Yin Yoga and Beautiful Back Bends” with Melanie Cooper. She enjoys the diversity of yoga and all the many styles and teachings. Jackie is also a senior teacher for ”Yoga Alliance” and has over 6000 yoga teaching hours under her belt, member no #7032

She is truly grateful to be able to teach and share with others that what has inspired her so much over the last 20 years. She loves seeing positive and uplifting changes within her students. She also loves helping those with depression & anxiety, and joint & back problems to feel stronger and able to cope through their yoga practice, it is truly magical.