‘Finding Studio 42 in Reading is like an oasis amongst all the stress in my life. I never thought yoga was for me, but it’s about so much more then becoming flexible.  Lilli provides an amazing mix of hot Pilates, hot yoga, hot flow yoga and hot dynamic yoga to suit my every need and energy level.  Now I have a place where i can get all the exercise i need to calm my mind and rapidly tone and detox my body.’   Sherron Mayes, author and journalist and director of Ki Potentia Coaching. 



I have been a member of Studio 42 since it opened in March 2010. I love everything about it:
The friendly atmosphere, the helpful and attentive receptionists, the knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable teachers, and the clean and modern interior. Studio 42 is by far the best hot yoga studio I have visited; this is in part due to the fact that there is such a good variety of classes on offer, including Pilates.
The Studio 42 timetable is fantastic, since it offers classes from the morning to the late evening throughout the week, as well as classes on weekends. Each teacher has their own personal teaching style and each teacher often offers a variation within their own class, thus ensuring that the practice remains challenging and interesting. Unlike other hot yoga studios, the teachers at studio 42 take time to explain postures and adjust students, they also have time to answer questions after class. The other reason I prefer Studio 42 to other hot yoga studios is that Lilli has taken such great care to make every student welcome, this is reflected in the way the studio is designed and run. There is always a teaching DVD shown in the reception area, everything is clean and tidy, there is shower gel in every shower, a hair dryer and lockers in the changing rooms, and energy restoring nuts, fruits, and teas are always freely available. The high standard of the yoga studio has been maintained since it opened, and the membership fees are very reasonable and affordable.
I highly recommend Studio 42 to both newcomers and experienced yoga students.

Angelika W
Social Worker


Studio 42 is definitely the best studio I have ever had the pleasure of practicing my yoga at. Not only are their prices extremely affordable in comparison to other hot yoga studios in the UK but their classes offer a range of styles and teachers that always stretch my practice and keep me interested. I cancel meetings in order to make my classes here and for a busy business owner, the stress relief the classes give me are a must! Definitely check them out. 
Genevieve Boast, Founder Emergency Happiness Ltd

 “I’ve been practising yoga for 13 years but my real enjoyment of it and passion for it has been enhanced by joining Studio 42. The teaching is of a consistently high standard, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the studio is clean and overall I can’t rate it any higher.


 Lilli smacks of being a perfectionist and her passion for the practice and the customer experience is in every tiny detail. She has created something special and quite unique.  


All in all one of my favourite things in life and one of my ways to balance out a hectic life of a large family and building my own business.”

 Andrew Watson, Founder of ipVA and father of 5.  


I've been practicing Yoga/pilates for a number of years on and off. When I moved to Reading I was delighted to find a hot yoga studio, as I had been on a weeks Bikram retreat a few years ago and loved it.  I must mention that I had gained 3 stone plus in weight over the space of a few years and I was finding it hard to shift as I'm not one for diets.  I joined Studio 42 last September 2012 and most weeks I'd attend 3 classes (2 yoga and 1 pilates).  In a very short space of time the weight just seemed to melt away - I've lost the 3 stone and I must say my body shape and tone is back to what it was before my two children were born and its still improving.  I cannot recommend Studio 42 highly enough and if you're looking at this website thinking you might give it a go - don't think just do it, you won't regret it. 

Paula Manning, wife and mother of two.